Sunday, January 21, 2007

Target Sells Out of Wii's In 6 Minutes

I have a Wii which everyone in my family has very much enjoyed, and a bunch of my aunts and uncles had each asked if I could buy them one if I saw any available.

So I heard about Target holding Wii's for today, Sunday, January 21st, 2007. It was 8:06 AM this morning when I called the first Target store in the Los Angeles area. This is how the guy answered the phone:

"Thank you for calling Target where we have already sold out of the Nintendo Wii, what can help you with today?"

I started laughing... every other Target in the Los Angeles area is the same, NO MORE WII'S! Since the Wii has obviously acheived a high level of demand in the mainstream mass market, it will be a long time until it's easily available. I guess next time there is a shipment people will have to camp out!